Limo Hire Sydney 2018

Everybody wants to feel special during a unique event of their life. We all want to do something memorable and to remember it like the best day of our life. Even if we’re talking about a wedding, a birthday or any other special moment, booking a limo could be the best thing you could do, in order to ensure an amazing experience for you, and your loved ones.

At Limo Hire Sydney, we offer some of the most exclusive limo services, with experienced chauffeurs and premium quality cars. We’ve been into this business for over 10 years, time in which we gained a lot of experience and became true professionals. However, we are constantly investing in our cars, and at Limo Hire Sydney, we have one of the most impressive fleet. We only have new models of luxury car brands, and they are all waiting for you.

Limo Hire Sydney

We don’t offer our services just for weddings and special events. We also have the right level of expertise to handle an official event, or any other corporate type of transport, in a safe and luxury way. Our most popular services are:

Our Services

1) Corporate Limo Hire Sydney

Even if you’re trying to impress some potential clients that you’re trying to sign a deal with, or you need transportation around the city for a VIP, Limo Hire Sydney is the right choice for you. We have our own fleet, which contains some of the most luxurious cars that you could find in Sydney. Our chauffeurs are well trained and will ensure the maximum level of comfort and safety for our passengers. All our drivers wear a standard uniform, because we want to show that we are a professional firm, which values quality and perfection. We value true quality and that’s why, our cars interiors are also luxurious and contain a lot of amazing options. For example, a standard interior of a limo will have a mini-bar, LCD screens and massage chairs.

2) Promotional purposes

If you have a new brand or product that you want to promote, our limos are at your disposal. What could be more effective, than having your brand name, written on a luxury limo, which goes around the city. More than that, we can also offer video presentation for your advertising, through our multi-screen vision. The potential clients will see that you mean business and that you’re a serious and respectable company. It’s verified that such a marketing campaign will significantly increase your sales levels.

3) City tours

Sydney is an amazing city, with many thing to offer. There are a lot of touristic attractions and places that need to be visited by any person who comes here for the first time. So what better way to admire these places than from the interior of a luxury limo? We can arrange some amazing city tours for your guests, in which they can stop and admire the sights, or take photos. We ensure pickup from and to the hotel, and our chauffeurs will wait for them as soon as it’s necessarily. We have a wide selection of predetermined tours, from which you can choose.We can also create some custom tours for your guests, all you have to do is inform us in advance.

4) Weddings

This is the most important moment for a couple. That’s why, it needs to be perfect. If some of your friends / family are getting married, surprise them and arrange a limo pickup for them. It will surely be an amazing gift and they will remember it for the rest of their lives. We don’t just offer transport, but a full service for this amazing event. We ensure the pick up from the grooms and brides house, the dropout to the ceremony and party place, the transport to the wedding reception and even a wedding getaway. The interiors will have a fully equipped bar with champagne and wine, LCD screens and a surround stereo system. The groom and bride will be welcomed in the limo on a red carpet, with all the luxury facilities included.

If you care about luxury, want to make a good impression or just want to feel good, then you should totally book a limo. We will provide the greatest services for you and your guests and we will make your experience a memorable one.